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About MOU

Mou is a fragrance company born after years of growing passion for the art of perfumery. We are deeply invested in delivering you breathtaking scents made out of the finest ingredients celebrating different aspects of our rich culture. Granting you a wide range of sensual gifts that will charm all those around you into your own world.


We’ve always known we’ve had a particular tendency to admire scents and fragrances, and with that, our curiosity and passion for the art of perfumery grew alongside our love and admiration of the culture that surrounds us. Observing the details around, the textures, the scents, the beauty and ambiance of it all. We have been wondering for years how to bottle up all this beauty, wear it on our skin, and spread it in the corners of our homes. We are firm believers that identity can be translated in countless ways. Mou is our way of translating the beauty of the Arab culture in the language of fragrance. Mou is a celebration of identity, it is a celebration of you. Wear your passion on your skin.

Values & Philosophy

The core values of Mou are built on celebrating oneself and culture with an emphasis on individuality. We take pride in who we are, in our history, and the legacy that was built decades before. It is our duty to preserve this heritage and modernize it. We combine different elements and aspects of who we are and what surrounds and express it through the beloved art of perfumery.

Our target audience’s values align with ours as they also take pride in who they are and in their culture. We’ve come a long way, always progressing forward, and our audience also celebrates that. Our audience will bask in the warm suns of contemporary quiet luxury that makes itself present with the least to say.